RPS National Pharmacy Board elections: candidates from CCA companies

Two candidates from CCA companies are standing for re-election to the RPS’ national pharmacy boards this year: Kathleen Cowle (Scottish Pharmacy Board) and Professor Tracey Thornley (English Pharmacy Board).

Professor Tracey Thornley (left) and Kathleen Cowle (right)

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) is currently holding elections for its National Boards in England, Scotland and Wales. The boards were set up to lead the pharmacy agenda at a country level, focusing on the issues that really matter to RPS members and pharmacy as a whole. Board members represent a breadth of pharmacy expertise within industry, academia and public health as well as in the local community.  Together, they have responsibility for interpreting and developing policy as well as overseeing the delivery of member services locally.

We believe that both Kathleen and Tracey have the experience, skills and ability to deliver these roles.  We also believe that it is vital that community pharmacy has a strong, respected and pragmatic voice on the national boards of the RPS, and we would encourage CCA members of the RPS to seriously consider voting for these candidates.

The deadline for submitting your vote is 16 May. An extract of each candidate’s nomination follows below, and more information can be found in the information RPS members will have received.

Professor Tracey Thornley is Senior Manager, Contract Framework and Outcomes, at Boots UK. Tracey is an active member of the RPS antimicrobial expert advisory group and leads a number of research projects in helping to provide evidence of value of the pharmacists expanded role. She says:

“All our work should be underpinned by robust arguments and good data – without this, we will never earn the respect that we all want for pharmacy. Pharmacy needs to change, and better evidence of value will support funding to help drive this.

“If elected, I will work tirelessly to improve respect for our profession from patients and healthcare professionals. Vote for me to put the value of pharmacy at the heart of what we do.”

Kathleen Cowle is Relationships and Revenue Manager for Scotland, Boots UK and has been an RPS Board member for three years.  She says:

“I want the RPS to be recognised as the professional leadership body of all pharmacists, to be seen as truly representing all pharmacist across all sectors and at all stages of their career.

“I want pharmacists to be talking about what the RPS does for them, how they inspired them, developed them and most importantly represented them. I would love to silence the ‘What does the RPS do for me?’ questions and believe that the internal restructure and the current governance review could enable this.

“My ambition is for the profession, not me … I believe I will bring integrity and professional leadership that will support the work of the Scottish Board and the RPS.”

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