Membership benefits

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

This maxim holds very true for the CCA. The CCA has been working for its members for 125 years, and provides pharmacy businesses a collective voice, unique insights, enhanced reach, and unparalleled influence.

Membership of the CCA provides:

Unique insight into the world of community pharmacy through our relationships with national governments, government departments, civil servants, national negotiating bodies, fellow pharmacy bodies and our funding of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pharmacy.
Unparalleled influence with decision makers. Our members’ collective scale – nearly half of the community pharmacy market – coupled with our experience, skills and expertise, enable the CCA to effect real change with issues that matter to members.
Access to CCA briefings and reports used to inform and influence a variety of stakeholders across the sector, the NHS and government.
A collective voice that is leveraged through our trusted brand at a local, industry and national levels.
The opportunity to be considered for CCA positions on local representative committees and national negotiating bodies.
The opportunity to contribute data to inform policy positions and to shape research programmes used to influence key decision makers.
Contributing members are also able to benefit from aggregated and anonymised findings from the original research work that they have supported.
Dedicated access to the experience, expertise, skills and resources of the executive team and Chair.

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