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The CCA holds over 300 seats on local contractor committees across England, Scotland, and Wales. We provide detailed support to our representatives, to ensure they can discharge their responsibilities effectively, furthering the interests of members.

In England, we support our LPC representatives to ensure that the LPC network is fit for purpose and can deliver for contractors in every locality. The CCA has a dedicated LPC Support Manager with decades of LPC experience and insight. We are uniquely placed across all three home nations with complete oversight of all local activities. This position allows use to highlight and share best practice and to support our reps to identify and address variance in performance.

We have been instrumental in efforts to support LPCs to coalesce around ICS footprints, ensuring there is only one representative voice per ICS. A single cohesive LPC voice for each ICS area will ensure a more unified voice and greater opportunities to develop pharmaceutical services locally.

We regularly engage with our LPC representatives through the development of national guidance, regional meetings, and newsletters. Our guidance is considered the gold-standard for industry practice and frequently used by non-CCA local representatives.

LPC representatives are sent log-in details for Pharmacy Hub when they first take up the role. If you need help logging in, please email [email protected]

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