‘Pseudo’ Distance Selling Pharmacies are threatening your local pharmacy

The CCA has published a paper on the impact of ‘pseudo-DSPs’. MailOnline exclusively covered our paper, read the article below:

Malcolm Harrison, Chief Executive of the CCA said:

“‘Pseudo-DSPs’ are creating potential barren spots, breaching legal agreements, and are hastening pharmacy closures.

Genuine DSPs offer valuable access to medicines for many patients. It is important that patients have a choice in how they access their medicines and can change this according to their needs.

However, ‘Pseudo-DSPs’ are disrupting the market. NHSE must revoke the contracts of DSPs that continue to fail to meet their contractual requirements.

It is down to NHSE to investigate, audit and challenge them so they no longer cause a threat to face-to-face access to pharmacy advice.”  

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