CCA statement reacting to DHSC issuing SSPs to treat Strep A

DHSC issued SSPs regarding Strep A treatment. Pharmacists are able to supply alternative penicillin to treat Strep A.

Malcolm Harrison, Chief Executive of the CCA said:

“We are aware that some wholesalers are now reporting limited availability of certain antibiotic formulations, used to treat Strep A infections. It’s clear that the normal stocks of Penicillin V in the country have not been able to meet the continued spike in demand.

We are working with the DHSC and our members to ensure pharmacy teams across the UK can continue to supply the most appropriate antibiotics to patients.

Whenever the country is in a difficult place with primary care, patients and the public rely on community pharmacy, just as they did during the pandemic. However, after years of underfunding and workforce pressures, pharmacies will not be able to ride to the rescue for much longer.”

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