CCA comment: Autumn/Winter (AW) 2023-24 Flu and COVID-19 Seasonal Campaign

NHS England has confirmed that flu vaccination appointments that have already been booked for September will proceed. All new appointments will commence from October 2.

Dr Nick Thayer, Head of Policy said:

“The CCA is pleased to see that NHS England have listened and taken our concerns on board. Like others, we worked extensively behind the scenes to highlight the adverse impact of a delayed start to the flu vaccination programme to patients and community pharmacies. It was imperative for patients who had already booked appointments, and the sector, to have the clarity needed to plan. A decision was needed quickly, and we now have that.

Ensuring high uptake is critical to protecting patients, especially in the face of winter pressures. We now need to work together with NHSE to ensure that patients are clear on the availability of flu vaccinations.”

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