CCA comment: The impact of increasing pharmacist roles in general practice on the community pharmacist workforce

The number of advanced pharmacist practitioner roles in general practice in England has nearly doubled in the last year, while the number of pharmacists has remained consistent.

Malcolm Harrison, Chief Executive of the CCA said:

“On several occasions we have previously highlighted that the number of GP pharmacists has significantly increased in recent years. ARRS recruitment is fanning the flames of an already precarious workforce crisis in community pharmacy.

The NHS workforce plan recognises the worrying impact that ARRS recruitment into general practice has had on community pharmacy. We are keen to see details of how the extension of ARRS (as proposed by the workforce plan) will be carefully managed to mitigate its impact on pharmacies.

If the Government and the NHS want pharmacies to take on more clinical workload to help recover access to primary care, they must ensure the continuation of this trend comes to a halt.”

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