CCA comment – Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund ‘A vision for Community Pharmacy’

Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund have published ‘A Vision for Community Pharmacy’. It sets out the scale of ambition for community pharmacy, in particular showing how community pharmacy can contribute to key policy goals around population health, prevention and increasing levels of demand in primary care.

Malcolm Harrison, Chief Executive of the CCA said:

“We welcome the report by Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund, which sets out ‘A Vision for Community Pharmacy’. The report provides a useful insight into how community pharmacy can continue to evolve. 

We want to see community pharmacy playing an important clinical role in caring for patients and supporting self-care and prevention.

If the Government wants to deliver a tangible difference to the healthcare of the nation, they will take note of many of the recommendations outlined in this report. We need action for the ‘here and now’, otherwise the pharmacy network will continue to deteriorate.

Together with CPE, and other pharmacy leaders – all parts of the sector have a common goal to transform pharmacy, for the benefit of contractors, the NHS and patients.”

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